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Pellet Stove Parts S1902/HP22
RC1902 Remote Control
You Save$11.73 (35%)
RC1902: Remote Control to operate manual mode, temperature, on/off and hold/unhold- for model S1902 and HP-22.
CB1902 Control Board
You Save$20.70 (12%)
CB1902: Software based control board mounted at rear top of pellet stove - for model S1902 and HP-22.
RIB1902 Cable
You Save$6.90 (20%)
Ribbon cable that connects the program board with the power board - for model S1902 and HP-22.
EXM1902 Exhaust Motor
You Save$20.70 (14%)
EXM1902: Exhaust blower has a vertical position for minimum wear on bearings and is located at rear right of pellet stove, quite operation, speed is controlled by computer for maximum efficiency - for model S1902 and HP-22.
AUM1902 Auger Motor
You Save$27.60 (17%)
AUM1902: A new and unique Auger motor design to give more reliability and strength with  a very quite operation, located at rear of pellet stove just bellow hopper - for model S1902 and HP-22.
COF1902 Convection Blower / Motor
You Save$27.60 (17%)
COF1902: A squall cage design convection motor with a very quite operation is located at the center / rear of the fire box, can be removed very quickly, the speed is controlled by computer for maximum efficiency - for model S1902 and HP-22.
MCA1902 Auger Motor Capacitor
You Save$6.90 (34%)
MC1902: Motor capacitor which is clipped onto frame close to auger motor. Gives more stability and torque to auger motor - for model S1902 and HP-22.
IG1902 Igniter
You Save$13.80 (13%)
Used for igniting the pellets, to allow for automatic operation for model S1902 and HP-22. The pellet stove Igniter comes with the cable and connector.
The collar/nut on older igniters needs to be removed and put onto the new igniter, also the elect. connector on old igniter needs to be cut and re-connected to the new igniter.

TC1902 Thermostat Closing
You Save$2.76 (14%)
TC1902: Thermostat located on the exhaust motor housing to let the computer know that a fire has been established. Closes at 120F - for model S1902 and HP-22.
THI1902 Thermostat High Limit
You Save$2.76 (10%)
TH1902: High limit thermostat located at the rear left side of body, lets the computer know that a too high of a temperature has been reached - for model S1902 and HP-22.
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Pellet Stove 

Our alternative and innovated heaters will help preserve our forests and our environment by using waste products to heat our homes. A Clean Burning, None Polluting, and Highly Efficient pellet stove produces very little Ash. Wood Pellet Stoves are environmentally conscious, producing low emissions and burning waste wood by-product pellets. Many of our clients save a lot of money on their house gas heating bills. Think smart, act smart, be smart! Enjoy the comfort with dry and clean heat. Our convenient online store, the safety and reliability of  state-of-the-art components, and the economy and easy of use of wood pellet fuel can be the solution that you have been looking for. Our Pellet Stove for sale can add to your living experience and help preserve our environment. 

With three different burning options you can have functionality to suit your personal needs. The pellet stove manual mode, the timed mode and auto mode. With 25 years experience in installations, wood pellet stove repair, piping and tech support, we can be there for you "through thick and thin" - so to speak. Our  pellet stove for sale will need electrical power, but only enough to run the controls and fans - less than 2 amps. During ignition, for 15 minutes, an igniter ( 300w ) will come on. Costs of propane gas, natural gas and the search for messy and heavy firewood make the pellet stove an alternative heat source. 

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