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Wood Pellet Stove 

PELLET STOVES have made, since the early 1980, an huge impact as an  alternative heating source for our homes. Wood Waste products used to be burned off and potential heating power was lost into the air. Pellet stove are a lot cleaner than burning logs. With pellet stove for sale - during the burning process, air is forced into a burn pot to achieve complete combustion of the compressed wood saw dust. When we have complete combustion, we have no creasode and no smoke - a lot safer and environmentally cleaner. If you switch from a gas burning heater to a free standing pellet stove, you will notice right away the cozy dryer heat spreading gently throughout your home. There is also something very attractive and relaxing about having a flame flickering in front of you. When propane or natural gas is burning, what most people do not realize is, that the burning gas produces about 40% water and in some cases, this moisture now in your air, can collect on your windows and other cooler walls. Or worse you can feel it on your skin. When we deal with wood pellet stoves, this problem is eliminated. Most of our customers safe a lot of money during the cold season when using a wood pellet stove. For example: If you burn one bag of pellets every day   ( that is 40lb at about $5.50 ), then your monthly heating bill would come to $165. During the winter months - 4 months - $660. Some customers pay more than that when burning LP gas during only one month period. A Pellet Stove does need some attention and may not be the best solution for everyone, but a wood pellet stove can save a lot of money and give nice dry heat during the cold season. Maintenance would be, adjusting air, cleaning ash pan and a yearly thorough clean - either before or at the end of the season. As we have moving parts inside and electrical components, in the future some attention may need to be rendered there. Do not worry to much about this part, because our free standing pellet stoves are designed for easy maintenance. Magnetic side doors, wingnuts for removing combustion motor and rear side panels. In almost all cases there is  no need to disconnect the pellet stove from the piping. With lots of space surrounding the components, you can access and work right from both sides of the wood pellet stove to clean,make adjustments or change components. There is an other surprise with out Atlantic Pellet stoves and that is - before you even start taking anything apart, our control panel gives you access to all internal parts. We can test individual parts from here, we can do a diagnostic, we can change the voltages for the fans and what is  also helpful is that the screen shows a symbol for every important working component. Just by looking at the screen we can tell a lot about the condition of the stove. Our tech support can work with you in case you have  questions or issues with the stove. Buying a wood pellet stove is one thing, but looking after it is another.

We stock all the parts and support you might need to keep your pellet stove burning.

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